1. Travel Assistance

  • booking tickets for any type of transport;
  • hotel reservations;
  • online registration;
  • support in case of loss or theft of documents and valuables;
  • search for a rental car;
  • emergency communication with emergency services;
  • information about tours;
  • selection of excursions.

2. Informational support

  • vaccination information;
  • visas, countries / regions;
  • notification of exchange rates;
  • weather;
  • emergency communication;
  • selection of mobile operators;
  • personal safety recommendations.

3. Leisure

  • information about restaurants, bars, clubs (including specialized areas);
  • billboard of cinemas / theaters and purchase of tickets;
  • notification of sports and cultural events;
  • booking tickets / seats / tables;
  • selection of information about beauty salons and SPA-centers, fitness clubs, sanatorium and health resorts.

4. Business services

  • organization of courier delivery of documents;
  • assistance in writing and interpreting documents;
  • support in organizing business events;
  • secretarial services;
  • recommendations and assistance with the loss of documents;
  • assistance in organizing the lease of office and office equipment.

5. Roadside assistance

  • organization of emergency vehicle evacuation;
  • emergency technical assistance;
  • organization of taxi services or transfer;
  • information service "AutoCare";
  • mobile tire;
  • fuelsupply, opening the car, disabled the alarm, etc.;
  • providing contact information and data on the operating mode of gas stations, service stations, dealerships;
  • initial consultation on how to proceed an insurance claim;
  • provision of useful information on queues at border crossings of the Republic of Belarus;
  • consultations in the framework of transport insurance, technical advice;
  • organization of the service «Designated driver».

6. Domestic help

  • organization help electrician, plumber, locksmith;
  • selection of cleaning services, dry cleaners, clothing repair;
  • search and assist in the purchase and delivery of flowers / gifts;
  • selection of a repairman;
  • assistance in finding a qualified babysitter (“for an hour” or on a regular basis);
  • assistance in organizing the relocation.

7. Medical and legal support

  • make an appointment with a doctor;
  • organization of the visit of the ambulance medical team;
  • selection of lawyers, notaries and lawyers.

8. Pet grooming

  • information on veterinary clinics and pharmacies, pet stores and products for animals;
  • organization of departure to the house of a veterinarian or groomer.

9. Exclusive Services

  • Wake-up call.